Face the world are an awared winning holistic beauty company specialising in multi sensory massages and ethical vegan skincare.

Combine the effects of music therapy, touch, aromatherapy and skin rejuvination via our blissful multi sensory massages.

Face The World Signature Facial

This Face the World treatment is exclusive in that it takes you on a heavenly sensory journey around the world. Bespoke music, scents, practices and textures embody each continent visited.

The journey includes a double cleanse, tone, exfoliation, massage and a divine ocean skin drench mask whilst enjoying a complimentary mini treatment. Concluding with a luxurious moisturise.

1 hour                        £40


Moroccan Sacred Candlelight Back Massage

This treatment uses Fairtrade-sourced Moroccan black beldi soap for cleansing.  The genuine hammam spa kessa mitts for exfoliation which will encourage the removal of dead skin cells and aid new skin growth, as a result leaving the skin feeling smoother and looking brighter and more vibrant. The black olive paste is rich in oleic acid and vitamin E and is a highly potent moisturiser.

The use of the exclusive Face The World Moroccan Rose massage candle aims to connect the mind, body and soul allowing the client to feel more relaxed and at one with themselves. Gives a sense of wellbeing and tranquillity. The natural soy wax melts at low temperature and contains sweet almond oil, shea butter, Vitamin E and rose otto oil.

40 mins          £40



Eastern Acupressure Facial

This ancient Chinese treatment has been practiced and perfected for over 5000 years and uses pressure points on the meridians of the face. This promotes removal of toxins, improves muscle tone, soothes out wrinkles, clears congestion and improves oxygen levels to give healthy glowing skin.

30 mins          £30



Indian Head Massage

This treatment focuses on massaging acupressure points on the shoulders, neck, head and face. It helps to soothe and relieve neck and scalp tension. Brisk friction movements stimulate, refresh and slow, which makes this treatment a fantastic and effective treatment for people who experience all types of headaches. Also rebalances the body’s energy.

35 min            £35


Thai Foot Massage

This treatment is a blend of Chinese reflexology/acupressure, Indian Ayurvedic principals and Japanese Shiatsu. It is invigorating yet deeply relaxing and involves massage, stretching and stimulation of the reflex points.

30 mins          £30



Tibetan Hand and Arm Massage

As with many Eastern massage treatments, it views the body as a whole and balances energy flow and life-force as well as physical benefits. A good hand massage will help tremendously to de-stress, relieve tension in the hands and arms, open energy channels and create a feeling of wellbeing.

30 mins          £25